All Functions are available by subscription.

・[SUBSCRIBE] :Subscription required

・[PARTLY FREE] :Some features require a subscription

・[FREE] :Available for free

※ Please refer to the table for functional limitations by device.


Golfboy measures the initial speed of the ball and club head, estimated distance and direction of the shot. Composite image of the head trajectory is also generated automatically.


Golfboy measures various data similar to “SHOT” feature. Additionally, distance to the “virtual cup” is shown to provide feedback for efficient practice.


Using QR code paired iPhones, the sub device can automatically start and stop recording when the main device detects the shot. Measured data and trajectory effects are rendered over the recorded movie, which are suitable for posting on SNS.


A golf simulation feature is available based on Golfboy’s shot measurement. Elements such as bunkers, ponds, OBs are provided, just like a real golf course.


You can create and play your own course. The created course can be shared with other users.


Swing movies, motion images, and panoramic images are saved automatically. You can compare the taken movies for analyzing the difference.

※ Available for iPhone 11 or later, SE2 devices.


Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick Compatible

It is lightweight, can be stored in a golf bag, and comes with a tripod stand for stability. The height of the tripod is 3.5ft(1.0m), so please purchase an extension pole if you are using it at a height higher than 4ft(1.2m).

FOTOBETTER Aluminium Tripod Extender

If your tripod is less than 4ft(1.2m), please attach this extension pole and use it at the recommended height.

※ It is possible to measure with a 3.5ft(1.0m) tripod, but the maximum distance that can be measured is 150~200yd.

How to use


✓ Unstable ball recognition

✓ The measurement values are wrong.

Make sure that the actual height of the tripod and the height of the tripod in the settings screen are the same.

✓ Not measured

Depending on the condition of the floor on which the ball is placed, it may not be measured. Please make sure that it is not in the [NG] state.

✓ I want to adjust the measurement values.

Open Golfboy, select the [Gear icon in the top menu] and go to the Settings screen. Select [Customize Ball] in the settings menu. By adjusting the ball speed coefficient, you can adjust it to your ideal flying distance.

✓ Use of the night mode

If you cannot see the ball on the screen indoors or at night, please use the night mode (moon symbol). Daytime mode (sun symbol) is more stable in terms of measurement accuracy, so we recommend using daytime mode if you can take measurements even when it is somewhat dark.

✓ FORM function is not available.

FORM function is available on iPhone 11 or later or iPhoneSE2 devices.

✓ Is iPad available?

Currently, only the Pairing function is available for the iPad.


Golfboy Introduction

Shot, putter, swing analysis andsimulation golf, etc. Total of 6 functions

How to cancel

1. Go to the settings screen.

2. Select [Apple ID, iCloud, Media and Purchases].

3. Select [Subscription].

4. Select the Golfboy app and cancel.